George has been practising optometry since 1987 and has travelled to trade shows for over 25 years. His product knowledge is immense and his relationships with international frame designers keep GSO on the edge of frame design and material innovation. George's passion is finding the right glasses for your face... You won't feel self-conscious in glasses that suit you!

  • Helen has been testing eyes since 1984. Her warm and pleasant demeanour and her immense knowledge in the consult room deliver an unequalled eye exam experience.
  • Lara has been with GSO since 2006. With more than 20 years of experience, she has a thorough, no nonsense approach to eye care. Being a mother of 3, she has a lovely way with young patients.
  • Kylie, a qualified optical dispenser, has been making and selling spectacles for over 25 years. She joined GSO in 1994. Her optical knowledge is vast and her laughter infectious.
  • Eleni joined the GSO team in 2004 and is also a qualified optical dispenser. She is a star performer with a cheeky brand of customer service and has a great eye for frame selection.
  • Kaila, our 3rd qualified optical dispenser, joined team GSO in 2013. Stylish, artistic with a gentle nature, she will deftly pick through our vast range of eyewear to help you choose your perfect frame.
  • Michael is currently studying Optometry at UNSW. He has recently joined the team and his enthusiasm in frame and sunglass selection is abundant.