If you are under 18 years of age, over 65 years of age, a student or health care card holder, we will bulk bill your eye examination.

Comprehensive Eye Exam (includes retinal imaging) - $120
Comprehensive Eye Exam (with NO retinal imaging) - $70
Subsequent/Short Eye Exam - $35
Digital Retinal Photography - $50 (No Medicare rebate)
Visual Field Perimetry - $54.20 (Note that we will bulk bill Medicare for this service)

Our staff will transmit all paid claims directly to Medicare. If your details are registered, Medicare will process your claim within 24 hours. If not, you will need to claim directly through Medicare.

The GSO optometrists are also well versed in fitting all the latest contact lens designs and materials.

New contact lens patients (not worn lenses before) - $100 (new fit, insertion and removal instruction and continuing care). 
Current contact lens wearers - $50 (current contact lens wearers who require a new lens fit. Test includes new fit, advice and continuing care).
Short contact lens consultations - $25 (for patients who have not paid for one of the above sevices).

Medicare offers rebates for patients with high myopic, hyperopic and/or astigmatic prescriptions. Our optometrist will advise if you are eligible.